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Welcome to The Hungry Grl Podcast! Your Hungry Grl host, Jessie, will be in food-filled conversation with some of the most talented and successful Chefs and creatives around the city of bridges, aka Pittsburgh. Hope you brought your favorite eating utensil, because you’re about to be hungry AF.


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#3 – Lauren Townsend, co-founder of Millie’s Ice Cream

Postindustrial, Hungry Grl Posdast, #3 – Lauren Townsend, co-founder of Millie’s Ice Cream

Lauren Townsend, co-founder of Millie’s Ice Cream with Hungry Grl host Jessica Iacullo

It’s the third episode of Hungry Grl Big Podcast (can you believe it?!) and I’m sitting down with no one other than Lauren Townsend, co-founder of Millie’s and quite honestly one of THE sweetest people you will ever meet…. live from Millie’s new headquarters! We’re talking about the birth of Millie’s, how the ice cream empire grew to what it is today, and how Lauren balanced starting a company, working a full-time 9-5 job while doing so, and how her and Chad (her husband) started a family in the midst of it all. This is a story not-to-miss, and if you get hungry while listening, be sure to follow their drool-worthy IG st @milliespgh!

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