Empower By Example

How many times have you wanted to volunteer or reach out to a disenfranchised community, but your stopped yourself? Why are you hesitating? Fear? Maybe shame or guilt? Those emotions are coming from your ego, and your ego is not a good enough reason to hide your light.

Today is the day you take that step to empower others. Today you will recognize what you have in common with those living unstable lives.

You have discovered Empower by Example with Laura Rock where we are redefining traditional philanthropy and we need your help. Listen here for new ideas – programs that are pushing boundaries, moving the needle and creating real change. We will be giving you action steps and we want to hear your takeaways!


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Jake Goodman, Executive Director of The Opportunity Fund Part 2

Postindustrial Audio, Empower by Example, Executive Director of The Opportunity Fund Part 2

In our second episode with Jake Goodman from The Opportunity Fund, Jake and I talk openly about our personal struggle with imposter syndrome. As Jake states, in almost everything that we fund, people are going to do even if they don’t have access to the funds. We realize that the founders of these amazing programs and initiatives will run their programs without paying themselves. We become close with the people and programs we fund.

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Laura Rock In 2017 Laura founded The Rock Family Foundation to serve young women of color who are exiting foster care and other county run services. Going from for-profit sales to non-profit management was a huge switch, and Laura found ways to pull in the strategies and benchmarks from her past career into the private foundation.

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