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A social media project from Chris Klein, Pittsburgh Beautiful is the Steel City’s most engaged social media company, crowdsourcing images from amateur and professional photographers to more than 240,000 active and engaged, Pittsburgh-lovin’ followers.

Every Wednesday, in a collaboration with Pittsburgh Beautiful, Postindustrial will post the most shared image from Pittsburgh Beautiful’s social media platforms, along with a statement from the photographer behind the most engaging shot. Check back Wednesdays to Postindustrial for the week’s most engaging photo from Pittsburgh Beautiful!

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Paul Vladuchick

Postindustrial, Pittsburgh Beautiful, December 4, 2019

Photo by Paul Vladuchick

“After returning from a trip from Japan, the jet lag had me wide awake late into the night. I used the opportunity to go downtown and capture the city almost entirely devoid of traffic and people (as I’ve always been a fan of Edward Hoppers paintings). It was cold and lightly raining and the wet pavement reflected the light from the Hornes Christmas tree nicely and without traffic or people, it gives the scene a bit of a different vibe.”

— Paul Vladuchick

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Postindustrial, Chris Klein

Chris Klein’s roots are from Pittsburgh, and his grandmother was born in Castle Shannon in the early 1900’s. Pittsburgh in the early 20th Century, while booming and bustling, was a dirty place. Not so today! Pittsburgh moved him. He loves to capture beauty in unique ways and was inspired to create Pittsburgh Beautiful as a way to share that with everyone.

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