Daniel Novakowski

Postindustrial Daniel Novakowski Pittsburgh Beautiful July 17, 2019

Photo by Daniel Novakowski

“The shot was taken on a warm night, February 2 this year, with the rivers still full of ice. I set out that night with one shot in mind and that was to get a reflection shot. It’s not often you end up with the shot you actually want. But in this case I did. I waited three hours for the waters to calm after a coal barge went down the river and broke up the chunks of ice to get the mirrored reflections. Shot on Nikon D850 with Sigma Prime 24 lens at F/9.0 ISO 64 for 8 second exposure.”

— Daniel Novakowski

Chris Klein roots are from Pittsburgh, and his grandmother was born in Castle Shannon in the early 1900’s. Pittsburgh in the early 20th Century, while booming and bustling, was a dirty place. Not so today! Pittsburgh moved him. He loves to capture beauty in unique ways and was inspired to create Pittsburgh Beautiful as a way to share that with everyone.

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